Writer: Samiaa Ahmid

School life during lockdown

When I think about what lockdown has  done to my academic journey, I honestly  just feel so deflated. Online school has  been tough, half the time I feel like it’s  never going to end. It feels as though it’s  all just one really long day with long eight  hour naps in between. At one point I lost the motivation to do my assignments,  because I thought “,What’s the point  though? What if this pandemic never ends? I won’t be able to go to university and then all this hard work would’ve been for nothing.” To be completely honest, my mentality hasn’t changed. However, you  have to look on the bright side to get you through the dark times.

For starters, I get to wake up late. I know that’s a small thing, but it’s a bit of a  comfort not having to rush around  looking for all the pieces of my uniform  when I can just attend lessons in my  pajamas.
Secondly, lockdown has given me time to reenergize. I now have time reflect on how far I’ve come academically and decide how far I want to go. It’s also given me time to spend with the people I love.

Lockdown has made school work harder to understand. In the beginning I had no idea what was going on, but continued
pushing just to see what would happen. Eventually I got the hang of it.

It has been quite difficult staying  optimistic during all of this. I miss my  friends so much and talking to them over  the phone just isn’t as fun. I’ve had many, many breakdowns, but my friends have  always been there to pick me up. Keeping in mind that, despite the uncertainty of the future and the worry about the  present, I still have people in my life who  love and care for me is something to be  extremely grateful for.