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Chanelle Katsidzira (A Level)
12 February 2020

School Life During Lockdown

An account of my steadily dwindling sanity over the course of
this COVID motivated ‘long holiday’

“I love my house.”

Exactly what I would say when asked how I was taking this whole lockdown thing.
Unlike everybody else, I was the least bit bothered about staying cooped up in the house for weeks
because, well— I simply did not care about the outside world.

I liked having a steady WiFi connection 24/7. I liked getting to sleep at odd hours and then take
midday naps. I liked spending the day in pyjamas. It was bliss. I even secretly wished life would
stay this way for a while. I mean, you should have seen my shameless grin every time lockdown got

Then without warning, my little Utopia started to crumble.

I came to the crushing discovery that there would be no such thing as a ‘holiday’ for as long as
online school existed. We got work almost every two days and sleep was slowly becoming a thing of
the past— this time not because I stayed up late downloading series to binge watch during the day.
The WiFi got slower because my mum started working online. Midday naps stopped. Being around my
mother 24/7 went from being a ‘bonding’ experience to straight up a
‘get-me-away-from-this-woman-I-cannot-stand-the-quarrels- anymore’ experience.

I hated my house. I just wanted to leave.

One day, lockdown unexpectedly ended. Oh, the joy! Finally, I could live like a normal person
again. I could go hang out with friends, I could take long walks, I could stay out without worrying
about curfews, I could— It’s February 2021 and we’re right back where we

In lockdown.

It’s worse now because A Level is LITERALLY crushing my soul and I don’t know how much longer I can
take it. I’m burnt out, meltdowns and panic attacks have been frequent.
The only way I’ve managed to not completely lose it is by praying and just clinging to Jesus,
honestly. He really is my lifeline. I still don’t know if I’m okay yet, but this lockdown has
taught me that sometimes baby steps and short breaths will get you through.